Monday, January 31, 2011

Shop For CNY ♥

Hellloooo everyonee :D so, are you guys finish buying your CNY clothes yet?? haha....i've just finish buying them (last minutes) =P I went I Utama yesterday, with Ai Lynn and Nikki. It was fun to go shopping with them....i only bought a few things there...hmm...i've bought a t-shirt from Padini for my mum cause she don't have t-shirt for New Year and also she loves Padini clothes. And i've also bought a shoes for myself....OMG!!! i love the shoes which brand Play Boy....damn nice leh (for me). It cost RM 80.....okay la...reasonable price for me cause all the nice shoes almost this kind of price. Thats what i bought....bought 2 things for 6 hours = =''....

Okay then...skip to the next day, means today la....i went Sungei Wang with my cousins, actually we wanna go Pavillion but it's like OMG! traffic jam there. So, we decided to to Sungei, shop, shop for 3 hours i think. Then straight way go Times Square and continue shop  hmm....i think around 2 hours of shopping at there then all of us really can't walk energy + leg pain. So we all went to Auntie Anne and have our tea (add more energy). I've ordered a pretzel (sour cream) and also some juice....yum!yum! Okay, after our delicious tea....then we continue shop again....haha....i think we shop until 7:30 then go back....huh finally....really tired leh....oh ya, forgot our journey of shopping. We found a K-POP shop there....we was like OMG!!! they sell all those Korean things...SUPER JUNIOR, GIRLS' GENERATION, U-KISS, BEAST, SS501, WONDER GIRLS and, we was like ''err...what to do?? la....still need to think meh?'' haha...i've bought a keychain, badge, posters and a wallet (all GIRLS' GENERATION) but the shop things quite expensive leh...1 small little keychain with SNSD name cost RM 8, waloa....bankrupt lo =P. but i still buy it cause I LOVE THEM!!! hey, guess what i saw?? I saw semangat I Malaysia in that shop's like the first time saw 1 Malaysia in a little shop (wow!!! 1 Malaysia semangat membeli barang K-POP) haha....not bad right?? keep it up. LOL =P actually i wanna buy more but no more money already T.T next time la...(please don't out of stock, wait for me) LOL, kidding la....keychain, badge, posters and a wallet is so much enough for me. I don't wanna waste money (i'm a good girl =P) So, if next time you're going Times Square, please don't call me cause i can't control myself if i see those K-POP things....haha...okay, to sleep now. Tomorrow still have to wake up on 8a.m cause Nicole (my cousin) want me to follow her to 1 Utama cause she wanna buy the shoes that i buy taste no bad right?? LOL (perasan-ing) bye...Good Night ya, my readers =)

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