Tuesday, February 1, 2011

天天好天 :D

LOL, just finish watching ''天天好天'' (Great Day) with my cousins at 1Utama. Wow!!! *clap hands for My Astro* They improve alot, better than the last year want and also it was soooo nice (for me)....but some of my cousin said ''大日子''(Woohoo) better. But for me Great Day better cause it was so touching, my tears almost fall. but of course i'll must act ''yeng'' in front of my cousin so i keep my tears =P haha....really really touching. Keep it up ya. :D 

*Message to those who haven watch ~ faster watch, if not you'll regret*
*Message to those who watched ~ nice right??

Okay, let's countdown for CNY. Only 2 days left to CNY, OMG!!! Can't wait la, hope this year will be better than last year :D i'm here to wish all chinese ''天天好天''. =) 

A song from me to you~

''彩虹的家'' (Rainbow house??)

Enjoy it ya~
''天天好天'' (Great Day)

Okay, it's time to go now. Byeee, Miss ya <3

P/S: I'm not sure that my chinese words is correct or not but if it's wrong please tell me ya~ cause i'm learning it =) Thank You.

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