Monday, January 31, 2011

Shop For CNY ♥

Hellloooo everyonee :D so, are you guys finish buying your CNY clothes yet?? haha....i've just finish buying them (last minutes) =P I went I Utama yesterday, with Ai Lynn and Nikki. It was fun to go shopping with them....i only bought a few things there...hmm...i've bought a t-shirt from Padini for my mum cause she don't have t-shirt for New Year and also she loves Padini clothes. And i've also bought a shoes for myself....OMG!!! i love the shoes which brand Play Boy....damn nice leh (for me). It cost RM 80.....okay la...reasonable price for me cause all the nice shoes almost this kind of price. Thats what i bought....bought 2 things for 6 hours = =''....

Okay then...skip to the next day, means today la....i went Sungei Wang with my cousins, actually we wanna go Pavillion but it's like OMG! traffic jam there. So, we decided to to Sungei, shop, shop for 3 hours i think. Then straight way go Times Square and continue shop  hmm....i think around 2 hours of shopping at there then all of us really can't walk energy + leg pain. So we all went to Auntie Anne and have our tea (add more energy). I've ordered a pretzel (sour cream) and also some juice....yum!yum! Okay, after our delicious tea....then we continue shop again....haha....i think we shop until 7:30 then go back....huh finally....really tired leh....oh ya, forgot our journey of shopping. We found a K-POP shop there....we was like OMG!!! they sell all those Korean things...SUPER JUNIOR, GIRLS' GENERATION, U-KISS, BEAST, SS501, WONDER GIRLS and, we was like ''err...what to do?? la....still need to think meh?'' haha...i've bought a keychain, badge, posters and a wallet (all GIRLS' GENERATION) but the shop things quite expensive leh...1 small little keychain with SNSD name cost RM 8, waloa....bankrupt lo =P. but i still buy it cause I LOVE THEM!!! hey, guess what i saw?? I saw semangat I Malaysia in that shop's like the first time saw 1 Malaysia in a little shop (wow!!! 1 Malaysia semangat membeli barang K-POP) haha....not bad right?? keep it up. LOL =P actually i wanna buy more but no more money already T.T next time la...(please don't out of stock, wait for me) LOL, kidding la....keychain, badge, posters and a wallet is so much enough for me. I don't wanna waste money (i'm a good girl =P) So, if next time you're going Times Square, please don't call me cause i can't control myself if i see those K-POP things....haha...okay, to sleep now. Tomorrow still have to wake up on 8a.m cause Nicole (my cousin) want me to follow her to 1 Utama cause she wanna buy the shoes that i buy taste no bad right?? LOL (perasan-ing) bye...Good Night ya, my readers =)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Waiting For The Day To Come♥

Yo bloggie, What's up?!? Do you know that, I miss you guys!!!!! and also facebook. I only sign in my facebook for only 10 minutes then must sign out already cause i got alot of HOMEWORKSSSS.....they're all waiting for me to finish up them...GRRR....hate them so so so annoying....but now i'm free from them!!YAY!! (only for a week) cause Chinese New Year is just around the corner....YIPPEE....angpau$$$....waow!! OMG!! i'm crazy of money =P everyone crazy of that, don't tell me you don't. So, this CNY holiday, i think i'll spend my time at Kuantan :)) aww...i miss Kuantan so muchh....i miss Ka Yee (my little cousin). really really really miss her, i miss her cutey little voice so damn much. Haha...gonna see her soon :D Hey, see this! It's was the picture that i took at Genting Highland with  Ka Yee ------> 
Me and the cutey little girl

Nice pose, Haha xD

P/S: she's blowing her fish ball =P
She's cute right?? aww....look at her cutey little chubby face....i wanna pinch her right now, LOL. really can't wait to see her and also my beloved cousinss!!! LOVE YA!!! OMG!!! i never realize that it was 2:03 now! Okay, it's time to sleep now and i also have my co curriculum activity tomorrow morning, oh shit...i don't think  i can wake up early in the morning...but i'll try my best to wake up :D really need to sleep now! the bed is calling me :)) Good Night and also Sweet Dream (of your charming prince) 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Brain!!!

Hi my dearest readers, Do you guys know what happen yesterday?? if you're my classmates then you'll know what money had been stolen from someone....Grrr...stupid brainless person...why must you steal my money?? you not even steal my money, you steal my friends want too...right??? we put our bag at laman maluri since we're having PJK, then after 1 hour 15 minutes of PJK my friend found out that all of our bag had been opened by someone...then we quickly ran to our PJK teacher and told her...but it's useless, the teacher just say ''Why do you put your money in your bag and why don't you put it in your pocket??'' and my friend and i was like...ermm...because the money it's heavy cause all coins...then the teacher ask us to report to the disiplin, we went to see the disiplin teacher when we're having perhimpunan....but it's still no use...she say the same thing to us ''Why do you put your money in your bag and why don't you put it in your pocket??'' and she also ask us to report = ='' (i really wanna say ''teacher, what for we report?? if we report also you won't caught who steal our money, right???) at last, we never report..just do nothing...haiz....don't you have brain?? it's just RM 10....for what you wanna steal??can't you ask your parents to give you money?? are you really that poor?? stupid brainless're a LOSER!!!!...NEVER RESPECT THIS KIND OF PERSON....brainless person...if i really know who is that stupid brainless person....he/she is gonna dead (from my me & my friend) haha....P/S: we are not gangster okay?? and also i'm not angry that you steal my RM 10 but my purse =( i love that purse so much and my group picture with my friend are in the purse....haizz...don't talk about this stupid case la....hope the stupid brainless stealer will become a good boy/girl and give me back my purse and also my friend money.....cause i really LOVE that purse T.T

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our Friendship Keeps Me Smiling ♥

Y!o Yo! Yo! what's up guys?? how's school?? do you realize that it was the 3rd week of school?? haha...i just realize that. Time passed fast right?? i just finished chatting with Jocy....aww....i feel better right now =) thanks Jocy for being there for me when i'm down. You're such a good're my besties for life...we may be far apart, but you'll always be in my heart  ILY  
Okay let's back to school, Yippee xD finally, i got some friends to recess with and i'm not LONELY anymore....hurray for me =D now i'm having my recess with my classmates, Lee Wei San and also Yen Teng  they're so kind and also treat me good. I'm glad to have a friend like you, this few days was just normal...homeworks, homeworks, homeworks....none stop doing them =( but luckily i still having the time to chat with my friend and also blogging =) 
OMG!!! i just saw this picture ------->

OMG!!!! Can't believe that Linda got the same thermos as me....YAY!!! i feel proud to have the thermos....haha    ♥♥♥

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Lovely Linda ♥♥♥

Hey my dear readers, i'm very sad today cause i got a bad news =( which is Linda Chung Ka Yan is going to Singapore this Saturday. Why don't Linda comes to Malaysia?? Grrrr....envy to the fans there...even though i had meet her once in my life but i still wanna meet her again =) she's awesome, you know?? but some of my friend told me that MAYBE Linda will be coming to Malaysia this year cause first reason, she wanna promote her 3rd album and it'll release on March (my birthday) YAY!!! second reason, MAYBE Linda will be having a fans gathering with Malaysia fans....last year i missed the gathering and if this year i missed it again i better die....haha xD oh ya! and also a thing that i wanna share with you guys is -----> Why i like Linda Chung....? all Linda fans (that i know) also ask me the same question when we chat. So, okay now i'm gonna tell you my top 10 reason why i like Linda----->
  • Lovely
  • Adorable
  • Pretty
  • Friendly
  • Tall =P
  • Good in acting / singing
  • Have a nice voice 
  • Polite
  • A guy killer (hot-ness)
  • Kind
So, this is my top 10 reason =) Lastly, hope all the Singaporean fans have fun there^^
And if you're also a huge fans of Linda , please go  and if you a member of it, please add me ya! ^^

P/S: Do you realize that most of my topics are about my idol?? LOL xD

Monday, January 17, 2011

Justin Bieber concert's ticket ♥

Hey guys, guess what i got??? Gahhhhh.......i got Justin Bieber's concert ticket.....ahhhhh......i was so so so happy.....i bought it with AiLynn....yippee.....super duper happy now.....haha....i know you're jealous-ing right???aww....haha....=P i really go crazy when i got my ticket....having high bieber fever now....LOL xD BELIEBERS FOREVER 

Justin Bieber's concert ticket =))

Me with my ticket 


P/S: Justin Bieber is not gay, he's just awesome 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Ai Lynn!!! ♥

Hey readers, guess whose birthday today??? Its Ai Lynn's birthday (my best friend)!!! Happy Birthday Ai Lynn!!! sorry that i forgot that today its your birthday =( really sorry....i know sorry doesn't mean anything but really really SORRY. Thanks for being my good friend and teach me alot of things...okay, let's talk about this fews days. Hmm....actually this few days was just normal = =''....remain LONELY in school. I'm FREAKING LONELY!!! I wanted to recess with Julia but she's a prefect >=( why prefect can't recess with us??? Grrrr....really hate it.....haizz... So, its already 12:09a.m. now, got to go....bye...good night....sweet dream (=

Sunday, January 9, 2011

S.M.I.L.E :)

Hey, readers

Can I ask you guys a simple question?? Are SMILE really important?? what if a human without a SMILE?? maybe a LIFELESS human??...haha...better than just die if you live without SMILE, right?? So, today my title is ''S.M.I.L.E :)'' For me It is a super duper important to smile for countless reasons. When you walk into a room or even your office or anyway that you're going....a simple SMILE would make you more confident and makes everthing better. When you smile, it shows others that you are warm, that you are open, that you are friendly. When you smile, it also does a lot for cannot be smiling and not think good thoughts. When you smile, even if it is only seen by one person, think of how that will brighten that person's day. So give your smiles away freely and you will be sure to get a lot back in return. So, SMILE everyone :)

i miss your SMILE 

Friday, January 7, 2011

School Life

Hey guys, how's life?? Life is great i think (: Everyone in facebook (my close friends) keep on asking ''Hey, how's school??'' I was like ''err..........SCHOOL WAS TOTALLY BORED!!! was just the forth day of school and i feel bored, so it shows that my school really bored...the only reason i go school is just to see my friend =) but too bad all my close friends change school =( first Chia Jin, second Fatin, third Tze Chi ='( i was so sad when i know that you guys are changing, i got no more  friend here...LONELY=(...i wanna move to SMKB but it's all full....grrrr....i hate my school life, i'm not enjoying at all T.T all my classmates are all SJKC student, and i'm the only girl from SK =( haizz....stop talking about sad stories in my school la....Let's talk about this whole week ---->

First day of school, as normal we will know who is our class teacher, monitor, ajk and more...i'm the ajk of KH, teacher false us to choose it = =''
Second day of school, its was normal too....nothing special
Third day of school, OMG!! Pn Nirmala (my sejarah teacher last year) teach me PS this year and the way she teach is still the same...never change at all....haha xD when she is teaching, suddenly i think about 1 Damai (my form 1 class)....i really miss it, my tears almost drop from my eyes T.T i miss when we laugh together, i miss the time when we tease other people =P, i miss the time we argue, i miss the time when we play at the toilet, i miss the time when we're playing in the changing room, I MISS 1 DAMAI =( please forgive me that i never appreaciate you guys last year...if time could back to 2010, i promise that i'll appreciate everyone....I PROMISE...=(▄███████▄