Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Don't Know What To Write =P

Hey guyssss..... i'm lazy to post more so i'll use summary form today...k??^^

Saturday 26/3
~have fun playing with my cousins....saw a big giant dog at DPC *scare me* =P

Sunday 27/3
~started to worried about exam and started to revise all the subject(while playing facebook) =P xD

Monday 28/3
~My birthday!!!! and also the first day of exam.....got many present from my friends. Kar Wei was the first one who wish me in school, second was Brenda and the third was Voon Lee....haha....thank for all your wishes ya! much appreaciate <3 and YOU, i hate you so much....how can you forgot my birthday?? still want me to remind you.....finee, actually i forgot yours too =P so.... fair right?? haha

Tuesday 29/3
~Today........Today was the second day of the exam....OMG Sejarah so damn dificult. I can't answer the question. I did revise but when i look at the question my mind it's all blank and i almost tembak most of the question. Sure die this time :( Sure fail....haiz....

Okay~Time to revise for my Geography tomorrow.....Byeeee

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pray For Japan.

OMGG!!! I guess you guys sure know what's happening to Japan right?? I was like ''OMG!!!WTH!!!'' when i read the newspaper.....I don't dare to see the pictures cause i know it's scaryyy.....my mum told me that it was 8.9 earthquakes hits Japan....OMG!! is going worse compare to others country. T.T
So, guys....please pray for Japan, they need our prayers and this lesson may teach us how to appreciate what we are having now~ 
God, please save Japan and the others countryyy.... T.T

Hopes such disaster never happen anywhere again...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Daily Life xD

Heyy guys! What's up?? So long never post already lo....feel so bored + don't know what topic to talk about. Sorry guys, that i never post something very interesting and most of the things i post are lame....Haiz...but i'm trying my best to post some interesting things...so, hope you guys like it :)) but if you don't like my blog or my style of blogging, you can choose to leave here. But if you like it, you're always WELCOME xD get it??
Oh ya~ forgot to tell you guys about my Orientation Camp....it was so FUNNNN xDDD I was in group 5 (Transform) my group leader is Huey Shen :) She's quite strict but she do tells jokes sometimes :D i miss all the members....that's one of the reason why i hate camp cause you have to leave everyone in the end and you'll miss them. Eventhough we are all in a same school but some of the seniors are from morning session. So, we don't really have a time to meet together. It's okay la, at least i enjoy it. I sleep with Julia and Wei San....We was so scare on the first night....Me and Wei San never sleep on the first night, just keep on talk talk talk and laugh laugh laugh for no reason...haha....we're crazy right?? LOLZ....i felt so funny when i think about it =P hehe.
Let's talk about my close friends in school now~~Yesterday was my classmate, Brenda's birthday, me and Kar Wei bought a cup for her and when i pretend like forgot her birthday when i go school. Then when Kar Wei comes only i gave her the present.....but she don't look surprise at all. Maybe she knows that we are pretending.....haha....okay lar~got to go now lar~bye~will updated more when i'm free~ xD