Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm back xDD

Yipeee!!!! Finallyy, I'm backkk. Miss this blog so much xD so, how are you guys?? I'm fine here :) Busy everyday.....Homeworks, Homeworks and Homeworks everyday. I don't really have a time to take a rest. Tuition homeworks, School homeworks, Co-curriculum activity,  Revision and so so tired. That's why i don't have a time to blog and also facebooking :( It's alright, weekend now. So, i can play until midnight =P lolz......Oh ya, anyone from my school had been chosen to a camp at school?? i had been chosen. It choose by Major. I don't know why she choose me = =''' Don't care la, just join. I think it'll be fun. to go now~ i wanna watch ''The Rippling Blossom'' now. Missed so many episode, must watch all back. Luckily i have Astro On Demand at home so that i can watch back the episodes anytime...(i'm promoting it) =P haha.....bye lar.....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cute Poodles ♥



why are you looking at me?? LOLZ

mummy and the babies 

OMG!!! Look at adorablee I want them!!!!! but too bad, my grandparents don't let me to keep dogs at home cause they say that i can't even take care of myself and how can i take care of a dog...Grrr...they always say that...they told me before when i'm 7 years-old and now i'm 14.....==''' but it's alright cause my mum say she'll buy a house and stay with me. So, maybe on that time i can buy a toy poodle....YAY!!! xD Yipee!! xD LOLL, got to go for dinner now~bye my cutie poodle....I'll get you one day =P I promise :D

P/S:  anyone got weibo account?? please add me if you got! Thank You~         

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine Day ♥♥♥

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!! Guess what i bought??? i bought 2 Justin Bieber's t-shirt..........Yaayyy!!! Super happy right now~~~XD gonna wear it on Justin Bieber concert.....can't wait +, let's back to my daily life....hmmm....i was fine at school. Recess with Yen Teng, Wei San and Nikki <3 They are all my close classmates. :) so, how's are you guy?? do you smile everyday?? remember to SMILE ya~! Oh ya! do you know that tomorrow is Valentine Day?? are you going to celebrate it?? i'm not going to celebrate it cause i'm still single :)) Single is the best on my age cause we must concentrate everything on studies. agree?? For me, the best time for us to couple is 18 + but there's still alot of my friends are in a relationship. Maybe they can handle it?? who knows?? but  Valentine not only can celebrate by the couples can still celebrate with your best friend(who is single like you) and also your beloved family., for all those coupless....Happy Valentine Day ya! Have a great day with your love one....For all those single like me :) aww....don't be sad, cheer up :) . I'm sure that we can have it on our future right?? Okay~got to go now~bye~enjoy your Valentine :)


Friday, February 4, 2011

Chinese New Year Eve!!!

Hey guys, was your Chinese New Year?? Fun??? Mine was not really fun on CNY eve cause it was just the same to the last year, play fireworks...Oh ya! almost forgot about sky lanterns.....we play that too....Do you wanna know what i wrote on it?? haha...if you wanna know please ask me personally....LOL, just wish was very simple, improve on studies and also wish i can meet Linda Chung one day again.....haha....okay let's talk about the first day of CNY.  Honestly when the first day CNY feeling started to come =)) haha....quite fun. Gamble, Gamble, Gamble with my cousins....but i lose some of my ang pow money =( haizz....never mind, gamble again later =P wish me luck ya~! Okay, Got to go now. My cousins is calling me to gamble now! Bye, Please wish me LUCK ! Once again, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone here :D

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

天天好天 :D

LOL, just finish watching ''天天好天'' (Great Day) with my cousins at 1Utama. Wow!!! *clap hands for My Astro* They improve alot, better than the last year want and also it was soooo nice (for me)....but some of my cousin said ''大日子''(Woohoo) better. But for me Great Day better cause it was so touching, my tears almost fall. but of course i'll must act ''yeng'' in front of my cousin so i keep my tears =P haha....really really touching. Keep it up ya. :D 

*Message to those who haven watch ~ faster watch, if not you'll regret*
*Message to those who watched ~ nice right??

Okay, let's countdown for CNY. Only 2 days left to CNY, OMG!!! Can't wait la, hope this year will be better than last year :D i'm here to wish all chinese ''天天好天''. =) 

A song from me to you~

''彩虹的家'' (Rainbow house??)

Enjoy it ya~
''天天好天'' (Great Day)

Okay, it's time to go now. Byeee, Miss ya <3

P/S: I'm not sure that my chinese words is correct or not but if it's wrong please tell me ya~ cause i'm learning it =) Thank You.