Monday, August 16, 2010

Better to be with no one than being with the wrong one.♥

Hello there. Natalie's here by the way. How's your day? I'm fine. :)
As I said, exam is coming, gotta get to study, but i'm not doing it. One word, LAZY. When you're lazy, you don't feel like doing anything, you rather sit there by doing nothing, thats lazy. I'm that type. BM karangan(homework), don't know when is it, individual work, teacher had gave me the title, still in progess. I'm a total sucker for BM, you really can't imagine it. How am i going to speak with malays?
But is a miracle that i got an 'A' for my penulisan when i was in standard 6, surprise huh? :) Maybe i just memories the whole without understands it. Thats me. :)
Since this month is hungry ghost festival, we're all afraid of hagging out together. And we also talked ghost stories during class, my friend shared a lot of their ghost stories, it was super duper scary! I'm so not going to bath and stay alone in house today. Haha, i was just kidding, of course i'm going to bath, i don't wanna be stink.
Move on, we keep talking about ghost and chat about other stuff. Write notes during sejarah class and THE END. :)
Thank you.

Do you remember the day?

Yo, whats up guys? :) How's life? I'm fine. I was just back from art class.
Projects, projects, projects, get so tired from doing them. Too many in the same time. How am i going to hand up?! And exam is coming soon, thank god that after the exam there is 2 week holiday for us...:)
Hmmm, there is nothing special these day. I'm doing the same thing as usual, sorry that i can't post something nice and interesting. My school got no more events, need to work hard to get good results.