Friday, November 11, 2011


Okay, IT'S HOLIDAY NOW and I'm back to blogging. There was still loads of draft post on my blogger home page but I've decided to junk them all.

I know I might be a little nosy to blog about this but sometimes, thinking about it, my boiling point just raise to the max. We wouldn't say its whoever's fault, we shouldn't take sides but sometimes life is just unfair, let it be. We are born like this.

Yes, we ALL make mistakes. Seriously, name one person who is flawless. Can't? It means you agree with me. There are no shortcuts to stuff. There are no cheat sheet to ways. Don't even think about doing the unexpected. Yes, sometime you got to expect the unexpected. Okay, so now I slap you, you didn't expect it did you?

You know, you can't hide things among your friends FOREVER. Even when you bury it underground, one day earthquake comes and everything will be revealed. Sometimes, there's two face of you, I just don't know which to believe and which to slap first. GOD, can't you guys change? D:

Nuff said.

Friday, November 4, 2011


REAL FRIEND??? you say that you're a real friend and why are you doing this stupid things?? your friend are in trouble and need ur help but you din even lend ur hand and still betraying her! wtf??? i really regret to know you ><''