Friday, November 11, 2011


Okay, IT'S HOLIDAY NOW and I'm back to blogging. There was still loads of draft post on my blogger home page but I've decided to junk them all.

I know I might be a little nosy to blog about this but sometimes, thinking about it, my boiling point just raise to the max. We wouldn't say its whoever's fault, we shouldn't take sides but sometimes life is just unfair, let it be. We are born like this.

Yes, we ALL make mistakes. Seriously, name one person who is flawless. Can't? It means you agree with me. There are no shortcuts to stuff. There are no cheat sheet to ways. Don't even think about doing the unexpected. Yes, sometime you got to expect the unexpected. Okay, so now I slap you, you didn't expect it did you?

You know, you can't hide things among your friends FOREVER. Even when you bury it underground, one day earthquake comes and everything will be revealed. Sometimes, there's two face of you, I just don't know which to believe and which to slap first. GOD, can't you guys change? D:

Nuff said.

Friday, November 4, 2011


REAL FRIEND??? you say that you're a real friend and why are you doing this stupid things?? your friend are in trouble and need ur help but you din even lend ur hand and still betraying her! wtf??? i really regret to know you ><''


Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Hey guys, I have no choice but to blog about all this crap in the middle of the night but this is the only way I can express myself and make myself feel better. Though, this show the people out there how insecure I am.

Yes, I'm a very very insecure girl. Usually I seem all happy and sunshine in school, that's cause I've got my best buds with me. When I return home, all I have to do is rot there. Seriously, I'm 14, not 4! Stop treating me like a child. I know how to handle myself, I know how to plan for my own life. Yes, my OWN life. You own me, but you don't own my life. My life is what I plan myself, sketch myself and colour by myself. Not you (!) Not you, you don't control my life. Why do you want to destroy my happy teen life? Just because (maybe) you don't have a good one, doesn't mean you have to sabotage mine.

Do you even know how I feel? I guess you don't because you don't even try to understand me. You don't try to see the perspective from my point of view, from my eyes. We both have different thoughts, and you may have also realized that sometimes I talk to you reluctantly, that's cause I don't even know what's the point of talking and answering you anymore. I'm a teenager now, not a child. I have my own dream, my own thought, my own life, my own friends. If I have a car I would just ditch home and wander around the mall. Without any people nagging me, telling me craps, judging me and command me.

I'm not your maid, I'm not your assistant, I'm not some kind of stranger. Or am I (?) Cause I really feel like I've been treated like one. Where were you when I need you the most? Oh, out with your friends? I see, I hope you have a fun time while I suffer and rot at home. If I'm a friendless loser in school, I would have been dead by now, NOW I say!

Please, stop controlling my life. All I want is freedom. What all teens want.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Long Time No Post xD

Hi there! It’s been a long time since I last wrote something on this blog, which reminds me how many things have happened in my life this few month; sorry that i din't post for so long cause i was quite busy :) my friends keep on asking me why don't i post something rather than just leave it blank or dead :x so from now on, i'll try post moreeeeeeee ^^ let's back to normal xD OKAY?!? ^^

hMmM...........many things happen this few month and these few month makes me understand what true friend is :) so, i'll appreciate it more. got to go now!!!! Bye.......Love ya!!! :*

Friday, June 3, 2011

27th May!!

Heyy guys, how's life?? haha it's holiday now!!! and i enjoy it so much (: it's been a long time i din updated my blog ): dunno why i don't feel like blogging =P my lazy-ness xD Alright now we back to the holidays!!! OMG!! last friday, mean 27th i din went to school...guess where i go?? (i skip school WITH my parent's permission) I went Sungai see who??? Linda Chung!!!!! OMG!!! Miss Koo!!! she was freaking pretty!!!! she came to promote her 3rd album <> the function starts at 8pm and i reach there at 3....wait for 5 hours but worth (: meet Shanice, Wei Yi, Freddy, Angel, Kailyn and Sequeena there....seriously, you guys rocks!!! love you guys!!! I missed the time when we were yelling KaYan and singing together. It is so nice! Hope to see you guys soon and also my beloved Linda!!! 

Here is some pictures at the function ^^
 the stage 

 Linda!!! I miss her smile


 Singing I'll Be Waiting For You 

the banner  

 That's me & Linda!!! argh can't see my face ): but still thanks to the person who took this picture (: much appreciate (i did talk to Linda)=P

 <> with Linda sign and also my name

 <> and also picture that sign by Linda (thanks Linda Garden <--the fans club)^^

 I'm gonna head to bed now and dream of happy thoughts cuz I had a great day today.  Hope u guys have sweet dreams as well.  Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite....haha<--someone special say this before xD

Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm All Alone Now

Hey readers.
You know what? Sometimes, I really wonder who do I have to talk too when I'm down. Who can I share my everything with? Someone would just shut up and listen to me. Someone who would just stand by me and fight for me. Sometimes, I just feel so lack of love. I'm all alone. All I can do sometimes is just to emo myself, listening to my favourite songs, trying to cheer myself that way. But sometimes, I just failed too

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Iknowmyblogislackofupdate xD

Hellooo! Iknowmyblogislackofupdate. I AM SORRY D: Exam's in another 7 days! So yeah.... Need to study! I won't have much time to blog but after exam I will keep it update, okay?  Seriously got to go good this time ;D I'm gonna take back what I've lost. If you get what I meant! LOL xD..... So yeah! Good Luck everyone. 

Special for, ******. Sorry that i never talk much today, i was in a bad mood that time. Hope you'll understand me ^^ Promise that will talk much tomorrow :D Love You<3