Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Hey guys, I have no choice but to blog about all this crap in the middle of the night but this is the only way I can express myself and make myself feel better. Though, this show the people out there how insecure I am.

Yes, I'm a very very insecure girl. Usually I seem all happy and sunshine in school, that's cause I've got my best buds with me. When I return home, all I have to do is rot there. Seriously, I'm 14, not 4! Stop treating me like a child. I know how to handle myself, I know how to plan for my own life. Yes, my OWN life. You own me, but you don't own my life. My life is what I plan myself, sketch myself and colour by myself. Not you (!) Not you, you don't control my life. Why do you want to destroy my happy teen life? Just because (maybe) you don't have a good one, doesn't mean you have to sabotage mine.

Do you even know how I feel? I guess you don't because you don't even try to understand me. You don't try to see the perspective from my point of view, from my eyes. We both have different thoughts, and you may have also realized that sometimes I talk to you reluctantly, that's cause I don't even know what's the point of talking and answering you anymore. I'm a teenager now, not a child. I have my own dream, my own thought, my own life, my own friends. If I have a car I would just ditch home and wander around the mall. Without any people nagging me, telling me craps, judging me and command me.

I'm not your maid, I'm not your assistant, I'm not some kind of stranger. Or am I (?) Cause I really feel like I've been treated like one. Where were you when I need you the most? Oh, out with your friends? I see, I hope you have a fun time while I suffer and rot at home. If I'm a friendless loser in school, I would have been dead by now, NOW I say!

Please, stop controlling my life. All I want is freedom. What all teens want.

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