Wednesday, April 28, 2010


O.o. what a boring day...I always feel so boring..Why??

Today i just study in school and u know what?My sejarah teacher is absent!
Everyone shout hurray cause everyone never done their home works (sejarah)..haha..Even ME!
Even though our monitor also ... forgot to do..I don't even know got sejarah home work..OMG..Even though we stay in class do nothing then i chat in class with my friends and do project with my friends...Nothing more...Feel so boring to study and i think that i like to play more..haha..DUH, everyone love to play..except those NERD who love to study..haha..
Not mean that i hate to study..I love to read books but i only love to read story books, comic books except text book! Ya, i go to school is just want to play with friends..chit-chat with them..and more but no study but we still need to.I'm force to do it..OMG!