Monday, May 31, 2010


Here i am..I'm back from dinner at desa park city. Today was a boring day, I have no story to tell. Facebook is getting boring, my friends are not online..Study makes me feel boring. I've study math for a while, i seriously don't have the mood to study...i feel so tired..but i don't want to sleep. I'm sitting infront of the tv and watching wizards of waverly place new series, i love that show, i love Selena Gomez, next comes hannah montana, even thought is kinda childish but is funny. it will make you laugh and smile..i wish i live my life likehannah montana, you can laugh everyday and you can go to school with your own clothes.. So cool...i love that, but now i'm just 13 dream OFF. :( I hate this mann...Today was a boring day, i'll try my best to focus on studying.... :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love List:

I love:

-The smell of fresh air
-comic books
-Wet sand when the tide goes out
-My pink socks
-To hold my brand new toy and fall asleep.^_^''