Thursday, June 17, 2010

Looking for friends

Being confused about who you are and wanting to 'fit' in with your friends is a very normal part of being a teenager. Every teenagers has gone through it and it's sometimes referred to as ''growing pains''.

Friends come and go but like in any relatioship, it is also about the balance of '' give and take''.

Apart from searching for people who have the same interests as you, you should also show some form of support and enthusiasm in other people's interests.

I am not asking you to be or act like them, but as a friend, you should show that you care. That way, your friends will do the same for you.

But if thay are deliberately ignoring your comments, then you have every right to go and make new friends elsewhere. That said, have you asked your self why you are unable to sustain friendship with your older peers?

As for your self image, nobody is perfect. Many of us grow up comparing ourselves to the people around us. It is only natural that you won't to be different from everyone else, but there is also the unique personalities that you can adapt and grow into, and, someone with 'unique' personalities that you may eventually grow to hate.

No one likes to be stuck in misery, so overpower your negative thinking. We all have the ability to believe negative things about ourselves but we also have the ability to programme ourselves to believe in positive things.

As you go through your day, focus on the chatter going on inside your head. If you don't like what you're hearing, then stop, and consciously choose a brighter thought.

No one can tell you what you should do with your life. Go with what you're comfortable with and makes you happy. but always remember to be a first versio of your self, instead of a second rate version of somebody else. :

Who will i be?

Who will i be?
Yes i believe, all the cool choices. Be original, thats the one.
Who will i be? Hmmm... I just be me! :)
Since you are just you, you don't have to try to be like other people, this call acting, you can't really show your feelings out cause you are acting infront of everyone. Its fake. So, be yourself, be original. You are you, and i am me!As easy as that :)

♥Love Story♥

Girl: Hey,can i ask you a few question..? 

Boy: Sure o.o 

Girl: honest.
Boy: yeahh. :)
Girl: Have I ever crossed your mind?
Boy: No.
Girl: Do you like me?
Boy: No.
Girl: Do you want me?
Boy: No.
Girl: Would you cry if i left?
Boy: No.
Girl: Would you live for me?
Boy: No
Girl: Would you do anything for me?
Boy: No.
Girl: Choose me or your life.
Boy: my life.

-The girl ran away.It really hurts. And the boy ran after her and, told her -

The reason why you've never crossed my mind because ,you are always on my mind .
The reason why i dont like you because , love you
The reason why i dont want you because , i need you
The reason why i wouldnt cry if you left because, i'll die if you left.
The reason i'm not willing myself to do anything for you because , I would doanything for you
The reason why i wouldnt live for you because, I die for you
The reason why i will choose my life, -You are my life-


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why must i ask why?

I'm having some problem here,its not a school or home work problem. Its not family problem too.I think you know whats the problem. Should i get mad or sad? If its for me, i don't think i will get mad or sad. Cause i'll be used to it from the top, this is not the first time. Is more than ten times. Seriously, i have nothing to do with it now. Just please tell me what should i do and not standing there doing nothing and keep talking at me! Do you really treat me as a friend? As i'm always saying that 'i'm original', but hopefully, i don't think i'm original anymore, cause i always follow rules and what people says. I just can't do what i like and say what i like to say, this suffers, why u can do that but i can't? Even thought u did something i don't like but i just forget about it cause you are my friend, actually its nothing but someone just keep talk about it and make it bigger and bigger like a balloon, and soon it'll pop. I'm the one who will get blame. What can i say? ''Hey, sorry for everything, what can i do to solve this thing?'' or ''Hey, thanks for always putting me at the first place?'' or even ''Hey bitch! I had it enough,can you just stop it?''
Why can't i step out of youre line and walk in my own way? Why must i always follow you? can i lead for once please? I wanna be free, i don't wanna the bird who always get lock in the cage. I want freedom, and sweet life. But what i get is just the opposite of it. Yeah, face the fact Natalie, dream off, time to solve, not time to dream. What can i do? Since you never tell me that i'm wrong, i won't get to know right? Since i know nothing, then i keep repeating the same thing and you'll be mad, what more can i do? Always sit there and keep quiet? I don't wanna be that man,such a lifeless people, i'm love to be hyper, play around,smile. I don't wanna be a nerd and brainy person, i wanna be stupid, but they don't allow me to do that. They want to cry everyday, they want me to be lifeless, they don't want me to know whats happening..This is killing me, i'm trying to be good here but it always failed, get the word failed? Why? Why this keep happening in me? Why can't it be other people? Why? Why? Why you can do something wrong but i can't?, i wanna do something wrong too. So that we can call this friend....But i don't think i'm a good in your eyes,i'm just nothing like piece of paper.
Being friend with me suffers, it suck being friends with me, so don't ever be friends with me, you'll get in trouble very easily just in one second.

If is between home work and friendship, i'll pick home work cause they are silent friends.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

If is between friendship and homework

When i was in a very happy mode,planning something with my friends. When we said bye bye to each other. Nightmares one likes nightmare, i would hope that this is really a nightmare. Someone is mad again, and its because of me. Imma easy in getting trouble, one word or one action, then i can get into trouble. People just make cases up, and try to solve it. When the cases is there, i'm always the crime.When something is solve, means the case is close and i'm free. Then another problem came out, and i'm the crime again. And we need to solve it again, so it seems another problem is out, a hot news. I get a tip, sorry that i can't tell it out. Hmmmm...let me think, this seems hard cause i'm out of ideas. I'm trying to calm down cause i know getting mad can't solve cases and it will make it even worst, eve though i'm very mad and feel like scodling bad words infront of them and give them a punch on thier face but, is just not an good idea. So i guess i have to face this on my own. Like what Keri Hilton said, just get back up when they knock you down. i'm getting back up but its hard, always being a crime is not fun at all, even though there is a reason for letting me to be the crime, but the most stupid thing is, the crime don't even know whats the reason the get caught,funny rite? Thats why...Friends are like part of our live, but being a crime when a friend is a police? I don't want that, don't you? Keep blogging doesn't solve the prob, i just said sorry all around to my friends but i never do anything wrong..sounds stupid huh?Sometimes, i think Lifes bitter, cause the police always get mad at me, which is the crime, and they just don't wanna tell me, the crime felt sad and left out, but what to do? Police and crime are different, police are always the good and crime is the bad. Crime can't fight police, the number of police is more than the crime, so the crime must give up no matter what. Why can't the crime be like other people? Free people that can talk everything, play randomly, do what she wants..When she does what she wanna do, she'll get caught by the cops and off to the jail. Is this what she wants? Can the cops just tell the crime what to do and what not to do? Keep getting in jail in not good, talking about crimes are not good at all, the crime will be sad and mad, but the police feel happy cause they caught the crime and gossip about the crime. What can the crime do? Give up? Stay in the jail without solving the case? Please tell the crime what to do, the crime need your help..Why must life taste bitter? Why can't it be sweet? Why can't it be sour instead of bitter.Its holiday, but the crime is still suffering from something, you can say that is important or not important, but the crime thinks its importand, cause the crime can't live without friends, which is the polices. But cops and crime and be friends, they are enemy. What can the crime do to be friends with the cops?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Check out

Heyy people, one more day and we are free from darkness! Exam totally suck especially sejarah, is damn effing hard, i think i will FAIL this. Sejarah suck, i hate to memorise...oh well. Lets begin the story of the day. ;)

Bm paper 1
~Damn hard mann......but paper 2 is easy
English paper1 & 2
~The only subject that is easy =)
Maths paper 1
~Quite okay but paper 2 suck!
~Quite easy but paper 2 i tembak alot =P
~Suckyyyy...I tembak quiet a lot cause i never evenn study ;)
~haizz....(tembak time...)
~Damn easy for paper1 but for paper2 i forgot all the definisi when the paper comes =(
ICTL, Sivik, Seni paper1
~tembak tembak tembak.....hahaha

Hello world ;)

imma total mess now mann..
i got to study 3 subjects but now is already too late.
i won't be sleeping today :)