Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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Heyy people, one more day and we are free from darkness! Exam totally suck especially sejarah, is damn effing hard, i think i will FAIL this. Sejarah suck, i hate to memorise...oh well. Lets begin the story of the day. ;)

Bm paper 1
~Damn hard mann......but paper 2 is easy
English paper1 & 2
~The only subject that is easy =)
Maths paper 1
~Quite okay but paper 2 suck!
~Quite easy but paper 2 i tembak alot =P
~Suckyyyy...I tembak quiet a lot cause i never evenn study ;)
~haizz....(tembak time...)
~Damn easy for paper1 but for paper2 i forgot all the definisi when the paper comes =(
ICTL, Sivik, Seni paper1
~tembak tembak tembak.....hahaha

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