Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011

OMG!!! i really din't realize that today was the end of, means that 2011 is coming!!! yay!!!a new year, a new life. Hope 2011 will be a better year and may good luck gonna reopen =( i don't want, i want my holiday life ='( why holiday go so fast. Holiday 1 day = School day 1 month x( anyway, another 9 more hours to 2011. So, here i'm wishing all of you guys have a wonderful year andHAPPY 2011!!!

p.s: This picture is edited by Abby ^^

Ooh La-La! ~

Yay!!! xD finally i got my Girl's Generation ''Run Devil Run'' and Linda Chung ''一人晚餐二人世界'' dad get it for me...i was wanted for so long...and now i got them =) let's see the pictures --->

Girl's Generation ''Run Devil Run''
P/S: she is so hott =D

Linda Chung ''一人晚餐二人世界''
OMG!! see how pretty is she.....

Okay now, lets talk about dad bring me to Mont' Kiara [Casa Kiara 2] to see the houses was AWESOME...i'm totally in LOVE with the swimming pool there and also Mont' Kiara International dad says MAYBE he's going to buy a house there and maybe i will be staying with him...hmm...what should i do?? should i stay with him or what?? i really dunno...even though my dad haven confirm to buy it or not, but if one day he really buy a house....must i stay with him...hmm...i think i won't....i prefer to stay at Taman Bukit Maluri with my grandparents....even though the house is kinda old but they gave me a warm and i feel comfortable staying, sayonara to Mont' Kiara houses (=

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hey guys, my blog had been dead for long time =P, and now its ALIVE....haha xD. actually i don't really want to blog again coz its quite boring and i'm LAZY to blog  =P....haha...but when i see one of my friend blog ''secret'' (; i was so jealous on he/she....he/she did so good and i love his/her blog so damn much. I wish i would decorate mine like him/her...i believe that PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT (= its time to sleep ---> bye~ sweet dream everyone.