Friday, June 3, 2011

27th May!!

Heyy guys, how's life?? haha it's holiday now!!! and i enjoy it so much (: it's been a long time i din updated my blog ): dunno why i don't feel like blogging =P my lazy-ness xD Alright now we back to the holidays!!! OMG!! last friday, mean 27th i din went to school...guess where i go?? (i skip school WITH my parent's permission) I went Sungai see who??? Linda Chung!!!!! OMG!!! Miss Koo!!! she was freaking pretty!!!! she came to promote her 3rd album <> the function starts at 8pm and i reach there at 3....wait for 5 hours but worth (: meet Shanice, Wei Yi, Freddy, Angel, Kailyn and Sequeena there....seriously, you guys rocks!!! love you guys!!! I missed the time when we were yelling KaYan and singing together. It is so nice! Hope to see you guys soon and also my beloved Linda!!! 

Here is some pictures at the function ^^
 the stage 

 Linda!!! I miss her smile


 Singing I'll Be Waiting For You 

the banner  

 That's me & Linda!!! argh can't see my face ): but still thanks to the person who took this picture (: much appreciate (i did talk to Linda)=P

 <> with Linda sign and also my name

 <> and also picture that sign by Linda (thanks Linda Garden <--the fans club)^^

 I'm gonna head to bed now and dream of happy thoughts cuz I had a great day today.  Hope u guys have sweet dreams as well.  Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite....haha<--someone special say this before xD

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