Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cute Poodles ♥



why are you looking at me?? LOLZ

mummy and the babies 

OMG!!! Look at adorablee I want them!!!!! but too bad, my grandparents don't let me to keep dogs at home cause they say that i can't even take care of myself and how can i take care of a dog...Grrr...they always say that...they told me before when i'm 7 years-old and now i'm 14.....==''' but it's alright cause my mum say she'll buy a house and stay with me. So, maybe on that time i can buy a toy poodle....YAY!!! xD Yipee!! xD LOLL, got to go for dinner now~bye my cutie poodle....I'll get you one day =P I promise :D

P/S:  anyone got weibo account?? please add me if you got! Thank You~