Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm back xDD

Yipeee!!!! Finallyy, I'm backkk. Miss this blog so much xD so, how are you guys?? I'm fine here :) Busy everyday.....Homeworks, Homeworks and Homeworks everyday. I don't really have a time to take a rest. Tuition homeworks, School homeworks, Co-curriculum activity,  Revision and so so tired. That's why i don't have a time to blog and also facebooking :( It's alright, weekend now. So, i can play until midnight =P lolz......Oh ya, anyone from my school had been chosen to a camp at school?? i had been chosen. It choose by Major. I don't know why she choose me = =''' Don't care la, just join. I think it'll be fun. to go now~ i wanna watch ''The Rippling Blossom'' now. Missed so many episode, must watch all back. Luckily i have Astro On Demand at home so that i can watch back the episodes anytime...(i'm promoting it) =P haha.....bye lar.....

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