Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine Day ♥♥♥

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!! Guess what i bought??? i bought 2 Justin Bieber's t-shirt..........Yaayyy!!! Super happy right now~~~XD gonna wear it on Justin Bieber concert.....can't wait +, let's back to my daily life....hmmm....i was fine at school. Recess with Yen Teng, Wei San and Nikki <3 They are all my close classmates. :) so, how's are you guy?? do you smile everyday?? remember to SMILE ya~! Oh ya! do you know that tomorrow is Valentine Day?? are you going to celebrate it?? i'm not going to celebrate it cause i'm still single :)) Single is the best on my age cause we must concentrate everything on studies. agree?? For me, the best time for us to couple is 18 + but there's still alot of my friends are in a relationship. Maybe they can handle it?? who knows?? but  Valentine not only can celebrate by the couples can still celebrate with your best friend(who is single like you) and also your beloved family., for all those coupless....Happy Valentine Day ya! Have a great day with your love one....For all those single like me :) aww....don't be sad, cheer up :) . I'm sure that we can have it on our future right?? Okay~got to go now~bye~enjoy your Valentine :)


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