Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Don't Know What To Write =P

Hey guyssss..... i'm lazy to post more so i'll use summary form today...k??^^

Saturday 26/3
~have fun playing with my cousins....saw a big giant dog at DPC *scare me* =P

Sunday 27/3
~started to worried about exam and started to revise all the subject(while playing facebook) =P xD

Monday 28/3
~My birthday!!!! and also the first day of exam.....got many present from my friends. Kar Wei was the first one who wish me in school, second was Brenda and the third was Voon Lee....haha....thank for all your wishes ya! much appreaciate <3 and YOU, i hate you so much....how can you forgot my birthday?? still want me to remind you.....finee, actually i forgot yours too =P so.... fair right?? haha

Tuesday 29/3
~Today........Today was the second day of the exam....OMG Sejarah so damn dificult. I can't answer the question. I did revise but when i look at the question my mind it's all blank and i almost tembak most of the question. Sure die this time :( Sure fail....haiz....

Okay~Time to revise for my Geography tomorrow.....Byeeee

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