Saturday, April 9, 2011

Linda's Birthday!!! ♥

Hey guys, Today is a special day for Linda's fans......guess what?? today is Linda's birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Linda!!!Wishing you all the best. May god bless you   Yesterday night 11pm to 2.30am I was listening iLC Radio show LIVE! LOL, the DJs was so so funny....haha....they read out our messages and also call the fans to say out the wishes to Linda...When the show almost go to the end....they call a fans, she pick up and say hello and her voice like LINDA(but not sure). Then the DJs ask who are you?? then she says ''I'm Ka Yan!! OMG!!! i get to listen her beautiful awesome voice LIVE!!! i shouted when Linda says that ''I'm Ka Yan''....I guess everyone shout xP and i get scold from my mum since it's already 1am and i still  shout xP but who cares....haha...She's so nice and polite. She keep on saying thanks to the fans for supporting her :D aww.....and her VOICE....damn soft.....haha...and when the show end, I chat with Wei Yi (she's also a Linda's fans) chat, chat, chat. None stop talking about Linda =P i think we chat until 3am=P(panda eyes came out). I felt so sleepy and go to for my sweet dream... haha.....okay now it's time for me to go for a shower. Byeee....have a great day xD

I love this song!!!    

p/s: Please support Linda's 3rd album ''My Private Selection'' thanks xD

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  1. Thanks for tuning in that day, nice to hear you enjoyed the show.

    You can re-listen to the show by downloading it at Cottage.