Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our Friendship Keeps Me Smiling ♥

Y!o Yo! Yo! what's up guys?? how's school?? do you realize that it was the 3rd week of school?? haha...i just realize that. Time passed fast right?? i just finished chatting with Jocy....aww....i feel better right now =) thanks Jocy for being there for me when i'm down. You're such a good're my besties for life...we may be far apart, but you'll always be in my heart  ILY  
Okay let's back to school, Yippee xD finally, i got some friends to recess with and i'm not LONELY anymore....hurray for me =D now i'm having my recess with my classmates, Lee Wei San and also Yen Teng  they're so kind and also treat me good. I'm glad to have a friend like you, this few days was just normal...homeworks, homeworks, homeworks....none stop doing them =( but luckily i still having the time to chat with my friend and also blogging =) 
OMG!!! i just saw this picture ------->

OMG!!!! Can't believe that Linda got the same thermos as me....YAY!!! i feel proud to have the thermos....haha    ♥♥♥

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