Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Ai Lynn!!! ♥

Hey readers, guess whose birthday today??? Its Ai Lynn's birthday (my best friend)!!! Happy Birthday Ai Lynn!!! sorry that i forgot that today its your birthday =( really sorry....i know sorry doesn't mean anything but really really SORRY. Thanks for being my good friend and teach me alot of things...okay, let's talk about this fews days. Hmm....actually this few days was just normal = =''....remain LONELY in school. I'm FREAKING LONELY!!! I wanted to recess with Julia but she's a prefect >=( why prefect can't recess with us??? Grrrr....really hate it.....haizz... So, its already 12:09a.m. now, got to go....bye...good night....sweet dream (=

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