Saturday, January 29, 2011

Waiting For The Day To Come♥

Yo bloggie, What's up?!? Do you know that, I miss you guys!!!!! and also facebook. I only sign in my facebook for only 10 minutes then must sign out already cause i got alot of HOMEWORKSSSS.....they're all waiting for me to finish up them...GRRR....hate them so so so annoying....but now i'm free from them!!YAY!! (only for a week) cause Chinese New Year is just around the corner....YIPPEE....angpau$$$....waow!! OMG!! i'm crazy of money =P everyone crazy of that, don't tell me you don't. So, this CNY holiday, i think i'll spend my time at Kuantan :)) aww...i miss Kuantan so muchh....i miss Ka Yee (my little cousin). really really really miss her, i miss her cutey little voice so damn much. Haha...gonna see her soon :D Hey, see this! It's was the picture that i took at Genting Highland with  Ka Yee ------> 
Me and the cutey little girl

Nice pose, Haha xD

P/S: she's blowing her fish ball =P
She's cute right?? aww....look at her cutey little chubby face....i wanna pinch her right now, LOL. really can't wait to see her and also my beloved cousinss!!! LOVE YA!!! OMG!!! i never realize that it was 2:03 now! Okay, it's time to sleep now and i also have my co curriculum activity tomorrow morning, oh shit...i don't think  i can wake up early in the morning...but i'll try my best to wake up :D really need to sleep now! the bed is calling me :)) Good Night and also Sweet Dream (of your charming prince) 

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