Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Brain!!!

Hi my dearest readers, Do you guys know what happen yesterday?? if you're my classmates then you'll know what happen....my money had been stolen from someone....Grrr...stupid brainless person...why must you steal my money?? you not even steal my money, you steal my friends want too...right??? we put our bag at laman maluri since we're having PJK, then after 1 hour 15 minutes of PJK my friend found out that all of our bag had been opened by someone...then we quickly ran to our PJK teacher and told her...but it's useless, the teacher just say ''Why do you put your money in your bag and why don't you put it in your pocket??'' and my friend and i was like...ermm...because the money it's heavy cause all coins...then the teacher ask us to report to the disiplin teacher....so, we went to see the disiplin teacher when we're having perhimpunan....but it's still no use...she say the same thing to us ''Why do you put your money in your bag and why don't you put it in your pocket??'' and she also ask us to report = ='' (i really wanna say ''teacher, what for we report?? if we report also you won't caught who steal our money, right???) at last, we never report..just do nothing...haiz....don't you have brain?? it's just RM 10....for what you wanna steal??can't you ask your parents to give you money?? are you really that poor?? stupid brainless stealer....you're a LOSER!!!!...NEVER RESPECT THIS KIND OF PERSON....brainless person...if i really know who is that stupid brainless person....he/she is gonna dead (from my me & my friend) haha....P/S: we are not gangster okay?? and also i'm not angry that you steal my RM 10 but my purse =( i love that purse so much and my group picture with my friend are in the purse....haizz...don't talk about this stupid case la....hope the stupid brainless stealer will become a good boy/girl and give me back my purse and also my friend money.....cause i really LOVE that purse T.T

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