Friday, January 7, 2011

School Life

Hey guys, how's life?? Life is great i think (: Everyone in facebook (my close friends) keep on asking ''Hey, how's school??'' I was like ''err..........SCHOOL WAS TOTALLY BORED!!! was just the forth day of school and i feel bored, so it shows that my school really bored...the only reason i go school is just to see my friend =) but too bad all my close friends change school =( first Chia Jin, second Fatin, third Tze Chi ='( i was so sad when i know that you guys are changing, i got no more  friend here...LONELY=(...i wanna move to SMKB but it's all full....grrrr....i hate my school life, i'm not enjoying at all T.T all my classmates are all SJKC student, and i'm the only girl from SK =( haizz....stop talking about sad stories in my school la....Let's talk about this whole week ---->

First day of school, as normal we will know who is our class teacher, monitor, ajk and more...i'm the ajk of KH, teacher false us to choose it = =''
Second day of school, its was normal too....nothing special
Third day of school, OMG!! Pn Nirmala (my sejarah teacher last year) teach me PS this year and the way she teach is still the same...never change at all....haha xD when she is teaching, suddenly i think about 1 Damai (my form 1 class)....i really miss it, my tears almost drop from my eyes T.T i miss when we laugh together, i miss the time when we tease other people =P, i miss the time we argue, i miss the time when we play at the toilet, i miss the time when we're playing in the changing room, I MISS 1 DAMAI =( please forgive me that i never appreaciate you guys last year...if time could back to 2010, i promise that i'll appreciate everyone....I PROMISE...=(▄███████▄

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