Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Lovely Linda ♥♥♥

Hey my dear readers, i'm very sad today cause i got a bad news =( which is Linda Chung Ka Yan is going to Singapore this Saturday. Why don't Linda comes to Malaysia?? Grrrr....envy to the fans there...even though i had meet her once in my life but i still wanna meet her again =) she's awesome, you know?? but some of my friend told me that MAYBE Linda will be coming to Malaysia this year cause first reason, she wanna promote her 3rd album and it'll release on March (my birthday) YAY!!! second reason, MAYBE Linda will be having a fans gathering with Malaysia fans....last year i missed the gathering and if this year i missed it again i better die....haha xD oh ya! and also a thing that i wanna share with you guys is -----> Why i like Linda Chung....? all Linda fans (that i know) also ask me the same question when we chat. So, okay now i'm gonna tell you my top 10 reason why i like Linda----->
  • Lovely
  • Adorable
  • Pretty
  • Friendly
  • Tall =P
  • Good in acting / singing
  • Have a nice voice 
  • Polite
  • A guy killer (hot-ness)
  • Kind
So, this is my top 10 reason =) Lastly, hope all the Singaporean fans have fun there^^
And if you're also a huge fans of Linda , please go  and if you a member of it, please add me ya! ^^

P/S: Do you realize that most of my topics are about my idol?? LOL xD

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