Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shop Till You Drop ♥

Yo whassup my dear bloggie xD I'm freaking tired today.......tired like hell but FUN! I went 3 places to shop in a day^^ that's unbelievable. LOL. i guess you guys sure know who i go with right??? i go with my cuzzies(cousin). The food come so slow =='' After two hours of eating + digesting =P we start our journey at KL Plaza a.k.a Fahrenheit88. Then, Times Square....i don't know why my cuzzies just like to go these places.....i have no choices so i just follow them. Argh!! 50%!!60%!! Padini!! Uniclo!!Kitchen!!!(not the cooking kitchen) and moreeeee xD i only bought one t-shirt and one dress so 1+1=2. 2 things i cuzzies??don't talk about them......they buy ALOT without looking at the price o.O. Damn ''YENG''. wo hen pei fu ni men xP this one nice....BUY....that one nice....BUY.....= ='' Really ''beh tahan'' haha.....after so many hours of SHOPPING we decided to have our tea at a Japanese style restaurant. We ate SUSHI!!!! I LOVE SUSHI!!! i can't live without sushi <3 after that, we just go Sungei Wang and shop again.....alot of people there!! weekend cuzzies SHOP LIKE CRAZY too.....none stop....Famous Amos's cookies smell attract us ....we've no choice(excuses) so, we bought THEM ♥ I guess we shop until 7 something then just go back for our dinner, BAK KUT TEH!!! omg!! that's my favourite.....i eat alot...omg! must diet liao >< that's all for today :) will updated more very soon.....Bye guys ^^

p/s: really really sorry that i don't have some interesting story for you guys.....i'll try my best to post more k?? Promise......^^

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